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Every year, I took a holiday. I went to Florence, this cafe on the banks of the Arno. Every fine evening, I would sit there and order a Fernet Branca. I had this fantasy, that I would look across the tables and I would see you there with a wife maybe a couple of kids. You wouldn't say anything to me, nor me to you. But we would both know that you've made it, that you were happy. I never wanted you to come back to Gotham. I always knew there was nothing here for you except pain and tragedy and I wanted something more for you than that. I still do.

If you're good at something, never do it for free.

Hero can be anyone. Even a man knowing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy shoulders to let him know the world hadn't ended.

Gotham's been good to our family, but the city's been suffering. People less fortunate than us have been enduring very hard times. So we built a new, cheap, public transportation system to unite the city. And at the center, Wayne tower.

How about a magic trick? I'm gonna make this pencil disappear. Ta-da!

And as for the television's so-called plan, Batman has no jurisdiction.

How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible, without the most powerful impulse of the spirit? The fear of death.

The training is nothing! Will is everything! The will to act.

Does it come in black?

Gotham's time has come.


You know what you said about the structures becoming shackles. You were right and I can't take it, the injustice. I mean, no one ever's gonna know who saved the entire city.

All creatures feel fear. Especially the scary ones.

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you.